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The story so far...

Locked up in an inn not so sure of how you ended up there, you try to escape a vicious killer while solving a number of puzzles in order to return home.
But beware....

It hears everything you do

About this game

Murder Inn is a short PSX stylized game inspired mostly by Granny (DVloper) and Nun Massacre (Puppet Combo) . Taking most of the mechanics from Granny and the aesthetics from Nun Massacre this game was initially intended to have more variety but I dropped it mid-development due to time constraints.

How to play

  • MOUSE 1 - pickup/drop items
  • WASD - move
  • E - use
  • SHIFT - run
  • CTRL - crouch
  • ESC - pause


Code/Level Design/Animations - @souzanod
Custom Models - @souzanod/@renanudo/Unity Asset Store
Sounds - https://freesound.org/

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
TagsFPS, Horror, ps1, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Singleplayer, Unity


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Development log


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Amazing horror game, though the items may be challenging to find. Playtime ~20-30 minutes.

My playthrough: 


My thoughts on the game:

  • I wish hard mode made you die quicker by the killer, you still seem to be getting a lot of chances.
  • It's unclear you can use the plank on the top area, I wasn't even sure the plank was needed.
  • The killer can get stuck on the hole in the wall.
  • I really liked the style of the game, it was really cool!
  • Though the game is very quiet, I feel like it adds a lot to the scares.
  • I wish there was more story. An ending like "The police searched the house but found no one", suggesting the killer is still out there.
  • The killer's footsteps are barely hearable.
  • The crowbar in the bathtub was a little too much, I could not find it for a whileee.

Overall, amazing game! It was very enjoyable to play, in addition to being very scary. :)


puppet combo vibes and i love it. me and my girl had great time. its the second game we played. keep up the good work


Looks like a Puppet Combo game, very good!


Very creepy game. I really like how he can flip the hiding spots if he sees you go into them.

For what is usually seen in the horror section, this game is really good to my liking.

It was pretty awesome I could feel the nun massacre inspiration but also a little granny too.


Played it and was scared shitless, didn't even finish it.


hi, big thx for the crazy game. good job. greetings from rosti 😘


This game was super scary this monster had me on my toes the entire game enjoyed so much!!!! This game reminds me of a puppet combo game and its so scary how fast the monster is hahaha. Keep Up the amazing work!!!!


Dude! This game is amazing!! I really like how it played out! As you've said, it's really similar to Granny, but in a good way! The constant fear of the Killer being around the corner is always there because of the never-ending footsteps, it got me on my toes a lot! I made a playthrough of this on YouTube, and I hope you like it! I really want to play more of your games!!


Granny + Night of the Nun a.k.a Nun Massacre = This...

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Me ha gustado bastante pronto traeré el gameplay a mi canal gracias por su trabajo.

WHERE DO THE SILVER KEY 🔑 go to cause I’m so lost but the game is freaking good I like it 😇👍🏾💯❤️‍🔥🔥

I actually Hope you Continue on this idea. I love the PSX style and the  Nun Massacre Vibes were Nailed. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I was constantly worrying about the killer finding in rooms I had to spend more than 2 secs in. The constant footsteps that you subtly hear through out the game is so nerve racking . I would of appreciated more of a story to follow but game play was great none the less. Can't wait to see more from you. 




That Game Was Awesome How The Game Style Was Good And The Vibe Of the Game its Spooky I Want To Play More Like This...


Definitely got my heartrate up! Really solid little game. Definitely worth a try.

THE MOST INTENSE GAME I'VE PLAYED IN A LONGGGG WHILE!!! I actually loved this game and I couldn't end the recording until I beat it! This had me *literally* at the edge of my seat the whole time! Keep up the great work my dude!!!

   - CrazyCheesePuf 


That was intense. 5/5 

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It's not playable, Very high sensitivity, I move my mouse a little bit and it rotates the whole screen, Put a settings menu, I really liked the game, the little I played, Mixing grandma with VHS, It looks really cool, just put it on a sensitivity setting.

Não é jogável, Sensibilidade muito alta, eu movo meu mouse um pouco e ele gira a tela inteira, Coloque um menu de configurações, eu realmente gostei do jogo, do pouco que joguei, Misturando vovó com VHS, Parece muito legal, é só colocar uma configuração de sensibilidade.

H.G Games Oficial Brazil


Gave it a Let's Play and my feedback/suggestions/criticisms within 


Very scary! I left some feedback at the end of my video here: 

Loved the game!

Haven't played yet. The killer is too slow to catch up with me. Ha ha


Let me start by saying that there is a lot of good things in this game! It is VERY reminiscent of Puppet Combo with a similar Granny gameplay feel to it, I LOVE THAT! However, I feel like it is unplayable at times. Once you're noticed, good luck hiding (unless I was doing something wrong, please feel free to correct me if so). Unfortunately, that lead to me not beating the game. However, I still did have a lot of fun with this and I hope an update is coming to nerf the spooky killer. Overall, VERY ENJOYABLE! (First game I played in this video) 

Killer is either way too fast or we are way too slow, stamina bar is very unfair , way too difficult to get away from him and hide. Great concept though. 

Show post...

damn he so spooky lol 


Hes way too fast its impossible.


Great game! The Killer is very fast and aggressive! But i get it


I did not expect this to be that crazy! 
Wow, the gameplay blew me away, which you can see yourself in the video. 
It's great, although my main concern was the AI sensitivity and speed, as the character was caught numerous time on scree and, frankly, playing off screen had the same result - I did find some items, but the AI was chasing me non-stop. My suggestion would be lower difficulty or have other difficulties. I don't mind this being like that, I loved the chase, but, after some time it got me still. 
Overall, well done. Looking forward to updates. 


Thanks for the feedback! I guess I got so used to it during development that I didn't thought it was that difficult, but I will surely look into it to make it more balanced.

Any progress on the full version?

I do have one more update planned with more QOL improvements, but further development its currently on hold. But I am developing other projects! You should hear more from me soon ;)